& affordable Housing

Traffic is getting worse every year and housing is becoming less affordable. We need to expand light rail now, and create affordable housing options.

Investing to rapidly expand light rail

Our hot job market and beautiful region are leading to rapid population growth with no end in sight.[1] These jobs help our economy, but also bring more traffic and a tighter, more expensive housing market. We need transit options ASAP to get our region mobile again.

Cars and buses get stuck in gridlock. Most major cities have light rail, subway, or other transportation systems that run on their own dedicated route and have traffic signal priority.  We need to add bus rapid transit service where busses come every ten minutes and build more light rail routes faster.  With the rate at which our population is growing, we cannot wait until 2030 to finish.

Passing laws to create affordable housing

I support a range of housing options and affordability levels within the urban core areas.

To solve our traffic problem, policymakers must think about transportation and housing together. The way we use our land in relation to our transportation systems is critically important. Apartments and condos should be built near efficient transportation routes, and we should make sure these housing options are affordable, not all luxury condos.

The legislature should adopt successful models for creating affordable housing. For example, Shoreline requires that 20 percent of new apartment units be rented at below market rates.  This policy has created three hundred and thirteen new affordable apartments since 2012.

The facts

Americans are used to wide open spaces.  Lots of land.  It’s part of what defines us.  But the math is not in our favor.  The earth remains the same size but our population is exponentially increasing, and this region is a reflection of this trend.  We may dream of single-family homes but we have to plan ahead to improve our quality of life while living in a more crowded environment.