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Lawmakers are still telling lies about the Public Records Act bill — don’t fall for it

The Seattle Times, August 9, 2018

By Melissa Santos

Voters shouldn't be fooled by state lawmakers repeating debunked talking points about their recent attempt to squirm out of following the state's Public Records Act.

Nearly six months after citizens rose up against Washington lawmakers’ attempt to exempt themselves from the state’s Public Records Act, many legislators still don’t seem to get what the big deal was.

Or, equally likely, they are just playing dumb to dodge tough questions from voters on the campaign trail.

Take state Sen. Maralyn Chase, D-Edmonds, who recently wrote an Op-Ed for the Shoreline Area News titled, “Let’s talk about public disclosure.”

OK, senator. Let’s talk.

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The Herald, July 25, 2018, 

By The Herald Editorial Board

The 32nd District straddles the border between Snohomish and King counties and includes parts of the cities of Lynnwood, Edmonds, Woodway and Shoreline. The district’s Senate race and both House races drew three candidates, meaning the primary election will determine the top two candidates in the three races for the General Election this November.

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The Seattle Times, July 5, 2018

By The Seattle Times editorial board

Former King County public defender Jesse Salomon is the best choice for state senator in Legislative District 32, which includes parts of Shoreline and Lynnwood. 

Jesse Salomon, a former King County public defender and current Shoreline City Council member, is the best choice for state Senate in the 32nd Legislative District.

Incumbent state Sen. Maralyn Chase was first appointed to the House in 2002 and has been a senator since 2010.

While Chase’s service is appreciated, Salomon offers new leadership that the Legislature needs. He brings expertise in criminal justice and challenges facing local government. 

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Opinion: Governor Jay Inslee must stand up for the people and veto legislative-secrecy bill

The Seattle Times,  February 26, 2018

By The Seattle Times editorial board

Washington state lawmakers have committed an egregious breach of the public trust. It now falls to Gov. Jay Inslee to correct the wrong born from their hubris.

The governor must veto Senate Bill 6617, a brazen attempt by lawmakers to exempt themselves from the state’s Public Records Act. These elected officials are evading the ruling of a judge and contradicting Attorney General Bob Ferguson, both of whom said legislators are subject to the law.

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Washington state lawmakers make speedy move to shield their records from the public

The Seattle Times, February 24, 2018

By Joseph O’Sullivan, Seattle Times Olympia bureau

OLYMPIA — Forget everything you ever learned about how a bill becomes a law. Forget those public hearings, floor debates and deliberations.

With breathtaking speed, Washington lawmakers passed a bill Friday that removed themselves from the state’s voter-approved Public Records Act — keeping years of emails and other documents off-limits and making the Legislature its own gatekeeper when it comes to secrecy.

Senate Bill 6617 passed the Senate, without debate, 41-7. Minutes later, House lawmakers approved it 83-14.

Legislators passed the bill only 48 hours after it became public.