It is unacceptable that there are thousands of people living without housing in one of the most prosperous areas of the United States.

Improving Service Coordination

We spend hundreds of millions of tax and charity dollars to fight homelessness in the region. Unfortunately, there is a lack of coordination between programs which lead to inefficiencies and duplication of services.[1] I support audits that require coordination between all levels of government and a focus on moving people into stable housing and mental health care rather than keeping people in long-term homeless encampments.

A Focus on Housing First

In high cost areas I support rapid rehousing subsidies to prevent people from becoming homeless due to rising rent. I also support increasing living facilities for chronic street alcoholics, who stress our medical system with high rates of calls and costly emergency room visits. Supervised by case managers, this type of housing allows residents to drink alcohol in their apartments rather than on the street and actually decreases cost to taxpayers.[2]

The Facts

The cost of living in our region has exploded as our strong economy has increased demand for housing. Too many people have been made homeless by the skyrocketing cost of rent.[3]