Health Care

Health care should be accessible and affordable to everyone.

Furthering Health Care Reform in Washington State

Rather than repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), we should work to improve it. If Trump does manage to repeal it, Washington State should stay committed to offering health insurance through Apple Health, our subsidized health care exchange. We should continue to cover people with pre-existing conditions.

Paying for Performance

Historically, we have paid for healthcare with a "fee for service" model. This means consumers pay for each health care visit, procedure, and laboratory test. Washington State is moving to a "Pay for Performance" model, which pushes hospitals and clinics to focus on achieving the best health outcomes for their patients rather than charging them for unnecessary services. We should continue to support this new payment model because it is better for consumers and is more cost-effective.

Expanding Insurance Availability

We need affordable health insurance options that are not tied to employer plans. Right now, health insurance is still very expensive for middle class people unless they work for large companies. We need to stop penalizing people for starting a new business, working for a small company, getting laid off, or becoming disabled.

People without health insurance often delay doctor's visits and wind up in the emergency room. These e.r. bills are often passed on to taxpayers, hospitals and privately insured patients through higher rates.[1] This is no way to run a health care system and is yet another reason why people should be covered by insurance.


I am pro-choice and I support access across the economic spectrum to culturally competent, gender-affirming reproductive health care, as well as birth control and breast feeding care and supplies. We need laws to protect providers who offer these services, and ensure employee reproductive choice.