Fiscal Responsibility

We must use people’s hard-earned tax dollars wisely and effectively, with clear goals and accountability.

Keeping spending in check

Serving on the Shoreline City Council I have found that city departments always ask for more money every year and often get it.  This is the nature of how government departments operate. It is the responsibility of the legislature to make sure the State doesn’t expand budgets indefinitely. Fruit trees produce the best fruit with regular pruning. Departments need similar pruning.

Ensuring the programs we fund actually work

We need to verify that tax dollars are being put to good use. There is ever more research available on which programs are effective and which programs are not making good use of tax dollars. We need to expand the auditor's office and routinely measure program outcomes to identify successful programs and cut the ones that aren't providing a public benefit. Lobbyists push for continuing spending on almost every program, but that is not always in the taxpayers’ best interests.

I have a track record of commitment to budget scrutiny and fiscal responsibility on the City Council and I will bring this perspective to Olympia.